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Bran Appetit’s Celebrity Chef Tour 2011 Review


The Celebrity Chef Tour took Eggleston, VA by storm once again this year.

Nick and I were fortunate enough to attend once again, and I have to say – this year’s event (and meal!) surpassed last year’s, which I thought was an impossible feat.

This year, I had to opportunity to be there both nights of the dinner to take pictures for the owner ofThe Palisades, where the event was taking place.

Having the chance to see everyone getting the restaurant prepped and the food ready for two back-to-back nights of insanity was so fun! It was awesome to see that side of an event like this. Last year, when we just showed up for the meal, all the prep work was done and I had no idea just how much work and coordination and dedication it took to pull this off.

And – to make it even more crazy – they did 2 nights this year! Same meal, same set up, different crowd, and tons of food.

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